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Not Cool, Dude: Connecticut Town Bans Flip-Flops at Work

Don't worry: If you only work in Greenwich, Connecticut, you can maybe still wear flip-flops to work. But if you happen to work for Greenwich, Connecticut, we have some uncool news, dude. Town employees may no longer wear flip-flops or "slide sandals " to work this...

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Trump Bans Rainbow Flags at Embassies During Pride

In a rather strange move for the Trump administration, which just tweeted out a message in support of LBGTQ Pride, the State Department has refused to grant any U.S. embassy permission to fly the rainbow flag beneath the U.S. flag. Flying the rainbow flag during Pride...

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Can You Give Your Doctor a Bad Facebook Review?

There's a lengthy list of things you can do, and shorter subset of things you should do. Which is just another way of saying just because you can do something, doesn't necessarily mean you should do that thing. For instance, if you have a subpar experience at the...

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Mother Sues Prison for Son’s Death

As the opioid crisis continues, the focus has turned from users and prescription-fillers, to doctors and drug companies. In one case, opioid maker Insys was accused of paying bribes and kickbacks to doctors in exchange for increased prescriptions and dosages of...

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Top 6 Legal Tips for Summer Cruises

Young Joshua England was in an Oklahoma prison when he complained about a stomach ache. He visited the infirmary five times that week, but medical staff didn't find anything really wrong with him. Untreated for his condition, he died in horrific abdominal pain. Now...

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