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Can You Actually Impeach a Former President? Maybe!

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee was holding its hearings examining whether President Trump committed impeachable offenses. It's fair to say that members of the committee were fairly divided. During the Dec. 4 hearing, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, a...

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Is It Legal for Police to Have Sex With Those in Custody?

Two Pennsylvania lawmakers don't think it's right that cops in that state can legally have sex with people in their custody. They're proposing bills to prohibit it. But before you conclude that Pennsylvania is a weird place for letting their police officers do that,...

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Is It Illegal to Curse in Public?

The Constitution protects your First Amendment right to free speech, but that does not mean you can say whatever you like and get away with it. States have different views on cursing and these views have shaped how they choose to regulate it. Constitutional...

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Is It Legal to Eat Human Flesh?

By most accounts, humans are quite tasty. "Like fully developed veal." ? William Seabrook, author and journalist who spent time with a cannibal tribe in West Africa in the 1920s. "Like pork. It tastes quite good." ? Armin Meiwes, a German who ate large portions of a...

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Wisconsin Appeals Court Upholds Lawn Mower DUI

Don't say we didn't warn you. You can get a DUI in a motorized La-Z-Boy. So of course you can get a DUI on a riding lawn mower. In Idaho. In North Carolina. And now, in Wisconsin, too. An appeals court in the Badger State recently ruled that operating a riding mower...

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