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Emojis in Court Cases Leave Many Lost in Translation

?Wait, does that mean they?re crying or laughing?? ?Why did he send me an alligator?? ?What does the eggplant mean?? I?m referring to emojis, of course. You love to hate them, but you know you use them too. We mostly think of emojis as harmless fun or a shortcut for...

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Another Study, Another Piece of Bad News for E-Cig Users

Experiment by experiment, study by study, the shine of vaping as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes seems to be wearing off. The latest, courtesy of the University of California, Riverside, finds that e-cigarette usage can cause critical brain cell damage...

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Recalled Pig Ear Treats Infecting Both Man and Beast

Admit it. You?ve thought about it. If you have a pet, you?ve wondered what their food tastes like. Oh sure, you wouldn?t dare do it, but some of those treats smell just like bacon! Well, the latest recall will stop that wondering in its tracks. Across 33 states, the...

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Falling Tree Kills 11-Year-Old Girl Scout

In a tragedy at Indiana's Camp Henry F. Koch, a young Girl Scout was killed by falling tree while she and others were hiking through the campground. The 11-year-old suffered fatal head and abdominal injuries and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. "They were...

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Swimming Pool Injuries: 5 Things to Know

With summertime in full swing, many parents and pool-goers might be wondering about legal liability surrounding swimming pool related injuries. Lucky for those summertime worrywarts, we here at FindLaw have been writing about swimming pool liability for years -- and...

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Self-Driving Car Accidents: Top 5 FAQs

One of the big selling points for self-driving cars was safety. If you had computers making quick decisions rather than drowsy, distracted, or drunk drivers, you'd expect there to be fewer accidents. But that hasn't always been the case. When you hear about human...

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Not Cool, Dude: Connecticut Town Bans Flip-Flops at Work

Don't worry: If you only work in Greenwich, Connecticut, you can maybe still wear flip-flops to work. But if you happen to work for Greenwich, Connecticut, we have some uncool news, dude. Town employees may no longer wear flip-flops or "slide sandals " to work this...

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