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Do You Need a Lawyer for a Workers’ Comp Case?

Many people wonder if they need a lawyer to get workers' compensation after a work-related injury or illness. The best answer is: "It depends." If you suffered a minor injury, have a good relationship with your employer, and you understand the workers' comp process,...

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Your HOA Still Has Powers During a Pandemic

By now, the risks facing doctors, nurses, and other health care workers in the battle against the coronavirus are plain to see. Unfortunately, many of those health care workers are bringing COVID-19 home to their families. Some have found a way to reduce the risks to...

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Don’t Cough on Someone and Threaten Them With Infection

OK, folks, we know times are tough. Anxiety levels are through the roof for countless of us out there. A trip to the grocery store or pharmacy can cause someone to be way more nervous than they normally ever would be. So, be nice to the people out there who have to...

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Can Food Grown Without Soil Be ‘Organic’?

When you think of organic food, you probably associate it with dirt. After all, one of the selling points of organic food is that the soil used to grow it is clean dirt devoid of chemicals. It's even the law. The Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 sets out...

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Going Topless Could Land a Utah Stepmom in Jail

Being hot and sweaty is the pits. It's why people usually only wear a towel when they use a sauna, and why many more don't even want to think about being inside of one. And why some people just like to get really ? really ? comfortable when they're at home. But one...

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Men Arrested for Bag Marked ‘BAG FULL OF DRUGS’

"Discretion is the better part of valor," as the famous saying goes. This essentially means that being a bit cautious instead of recklessly brave will serve you better in the long run. A pair of Florida men, uh, missed out on that one. Transparency Not Always Better...

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