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Are Your X-Rays on the Internet?

The privacy of medical records can seem like a tough balance. On the one hand, you don’t want health data like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans falling into the wrong hands. On the other, if you’re referred from one doctor to another, you might want your new...

Pot, Cops and Wacky Phone Calls: A Brief History

Say what you will about the Sharonville, Ohio, police. But you can?t deny that they have a sense of humor. In an incident that has already gone semi-viral, the cops in that town were on the receiving end of a phone call recently from a man who accused them ? the cops,...

Can Cops Use a Botnet for Good?

You might not know exactly what a bot is, much less a botnet. But you probably know from context that they ain’t good. The FBI once described botnets as “armies of personal computers taken over by cyber criminals and used on the sly to commit all kinds of...
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