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Swimming Pool Injuries: 5 Things to Know

With summertime in full swing, many parents and pool-goers might be wondering about legal liability surrounding swimming pool related injuries. Lucky for those summertime worrywarts, we here at FindLaw have been writing about swimming pool liability for years —...

Self-Driving Car Accidents: Top 5 FAQs

One of the big selling points for self-driving cars was safety. If you had computers making quick decisions rather than drowsy, distracted, or drunk drivers, you’d expect there to be fewer accidents. But that hasn’t always been the case. When you hear...

Trump Bans Rainbow Flags at Embassies During Pride

In a rather strange move for the Trump administration, which just tweeted out a message in support of LBGTQ Pride, the State Department has refused to grant any U.S. embassy permission to fly the rainbow flag beneath the U.S. flag. Flying the rainbow flag during Pride...
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